On Friday, deputies with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office responded to the first block of Darby Lane, in Lincoln County, for a burglary in progress.

According to the victim, as he was leaving for work he observed a tan vehicle park alongside his detached garage.  The victim, with the assistance of a neighbor, attempted to block the tan car in until law enforcement could arrive.

The suspect was able to evade the victim and drove away along Darby Lane; however, the vehicle was identified as a grey 2004 Ford Taurus and related suspect information.

The victim told deputies several items were taken from his garage including a car battery charger and an air impact tool.  The suspect also broke the victim’s window out of his Jeep Cherokee and stole the radio and speaker system.  Deputies also located a key fob near the garage that did not belong to the victim.

A short time later, deputies caught up with vehicle’s driver, 34-year-old Katie Schnettgeocke, of Lincoln County, at a residence located a few houses down from the victim.  Deputies observed Schnettgoecke sitting in the vehicle with the stolen items taken from the victim’s shed.

The deputy used the key fob which Schnettgeocke’s car responded to.  Schnettgoecke said the key fob belonged to her and was taken into custody for burglary.

Schnettgoecke told law enforcement she did not know where the items in her vehicle came from.

Schnettgoecke is currently charged with felony Second Degree Burglary and currently housed in the Lincoln County Jail under a $20,000 cash only bond.  Other conditions of bond may apply.


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