Court Security

The Court Security Unit falls under the command of Captain Greg Tipton. As the name implies these men and women are responsible for the security of the Lincoln County Justice Center. Annually, about 96,000 people pass through the doors of the Justice Center. All persons are subject to strict screening to ensure no contraband or weapons are brought into the Courts. All bags, briefcases and other containers are scanned to check for contraband.

These officers are also alert for offenders in court and on the parking lots adjacent to the Justice Center. It is quite common for these officers to write summonses to drivers for driving while revoked or suspended and even for driving while intoxicated. When they are assisting the judge in the courtroom they also monitor the defendants for behavior, which is associated with drug or alcohol intoxication. On average, one defendant per month is arrested for being intoxicated in court.

The Court Security officers are also responsible for enforcing the ‘Rules of the Court.’ These rules are written by the judges and are designed to keep order in the court and maintain a professional environment during court. One of the most abused rules is the dress code. Gentlemen must remove their head-wear when entering the courtroom and ALL attendees must dress, at a minimum, in shirt, shoes and long pants, preferably not denim.