Richard Beck Beck Knife+

During the late morning of May 18, 2016, detectives with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office responded to a trailer along the 500 block of Walnut Street, in Hawk Point, in an attempt to make contact with a resident in regards to a narcotics complaint.

While attempting to make contact with resident, a neighbor, 34-year-old, Richard Beck, of Hawk Point, asked if he could assist the detectives.  The detectives identified themselves and asked Beck if he knew where his neighbor was located.  Beck explained his neighbor was working and described his vehicle.

Detectives thanked Beck and left.

Around 2 p.m., detectives return and attempted to make contact with the resident. While speaking with the resident, Beck reappeared from the side of the trailer holding two large knives in each hand.  Detectives immediately drew their weapons and ordered Beck to drop the knives.

Beck continued to advance toward the detectives disregarding their verbal orders to within five-feet of the detectives before throwing the knives toward his trailer.  According to the detectives, they could not fire their weapons due to backdrop recognition of a 13-year-old male standing directly behind Beck.  Beck was immediately taken into custody.

“My detectives show considerable restraint considering the situation and regard for the safety of others,” said Sheriff John Cottle.  “Based on the facts of this case, we could have easily had an officer involved shooting.”

Beck later told detectives he was trying to protect his neighbor but did not elaborate.  Detectives also learned Beck drank a liter of vodka after their earlier encounter and was highly intoxicated at the time of the event.

Beck is charged with two felony counts of 2nd Degree Assault of Law Enforcement and is currently housed in the Lincoln County Jail under a $75,000.00 cash only bond.  Other conditions of bond may apply.


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