Jeffrey Eisenbath

A Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office detective with the St Charles County Cyber Crime Task Force, advised Sheriff Cottle on Monday, January 15, he was investigating an invasion of privacy case in St Charles County after a covert camera was discovered in a local business bathroom.

According to the detective, the camera self-recorded 28-year-old Jeffery Eisenbath, of Troy, Missouri, installing the camera in a bathroom and recorded people entering. Detectives learned Eisenbath was out of town until January 22. During this time, investigators received a search warrant for computer and recording devices in Eisenbath’s residence along the 1100 block of Highway J, in Lincoln County.

Eisenbath was spotted driving and was taken into custody in Wentzville on Monday, January 22. Detectives seized his household computer, memory drives and five covert cameras.

During an interview with Eisenbath, he admitted to installing the camera in the bathroom of The Adrenaline Zone, in St Charles, where he worked. He also admitted to placing a camera in a general bathroom near the sanctuary at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, in Troy, where he worked as a volunteer.

“This is a case of an individual crime that affects many unsuspecting people,” said Sheriff John Cottle. “The Archdiocese of St. Louis has stringent background screenings of volunteers but it cannot always catch their secret habits. This is why law enforcement has cybercrime task forces in place, to catch individuals like Mr. Eisenbath.”

The Archdiocese of St Louis and Sacred Heart Parish continue to assist law enforcement in this case. Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and the St Charles County Cyber Crime Task Force continue their investigation into Eisenbath and to identifying additional victims.

Anyone, with a child who may have been associated with Jeffrey Eisenbath, within Lincoln County, is encouraged to call the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office hotline number 636-528-8546 ex 9999.

Jeffrey Eisenbath is currently charged in St Charles with felony Invasion of Property and is housed in the St Charles County Jail under a $25,000 cash only bond. Other conditions of bond may apply.

Eisenbath is charged in Lincoln County with felony Invasion of Privacy and Possession of Child Pornography. His bond is set at $100,000 cash only. Other conditions of bond may apply.


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