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LCSO Youth Camp 2014 Week 2 Campers

Week 2 – Wednesday.  On Wednesday the campers spent the morning with Missouri Department of Conservation and an equestrian team.  Campers learned how to tie a proper fishing knot, understand the different methods of casting fishing line and most of all catch a ton of fish.  They also spent time in our archery station.  This is our first year we introduced equestrian activities.  Campers learned about the different types of horses, styles and riding.  …and as always we went swimming.  The campers had a great week.  The Sheriff’s Office looks forward to seeing all the parents again tonight.  See you soon :)



Week 2, Tuesday.  We had a great time on Heroes Day with demonstrations and programs from the Lincoln County Fire Protection District #1 in Troy, the Winfield/Foley Fire District, Lincoln County Ambulance District, Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit, Corrections, Crime Scene, Water Patrol, Internet Crimes Against Children, Lincoln County D.A.R.T. and SWAT.  The days are steamy but the water is nice and cool!  Last night we bobbed for apples, cooked S’mores and walked the haunted trail (and everyone survived :).  The campers are doing great!  Talk with you tomorrow.

Week 2 – Monday.  Monday camp theme was Team Olympics.  Campers enjoyed a competitive morning of kickball, volleyball, whiffle ball, tug of war and basketball tournaments. We are hydrating like crazy and spent a great deal of time swimming to cool off.  The rope swing is a huge hit for many campers.  Monday’s camp ended with an ice cream social.   The campers are having a blast!  Talk with you tomorrow.

Week 2 Youth Camp - Sunday was a great start to camp and the campers are excited about the week.  Sunday after registration the campers took a quick swim test and spent an hour or so swimming.  After a BBQ dinner, we put on a glow stick dance followed up with a fireworks show.  The kids loved it!!!  Talk with you tomorrow. LCSO Youth Camp 2014 Week 1

Week 1 – Thursday ~ Sadly, this is our final day of camp for our week one campers but WE HAD A GREAT TIME!!!  Today, started the cleaning process of camp and preparing for parents night.  After lunch, the campers will swim for the final time this afternoon and await your arrival.  It’s been a privilege to spend this week with your son or daughter and for them to leave with new friends, a great attitude and memories that will last a lifetime.  Thank you and see you tonight!!! Week 1 – Wednesday ~ We are having a great day.  Campers learned how to tie a fishing knot, fished for Bass and Blue Gill, horseback riding and archery today.  We are hoping for better weather this afternoon for swimming.  Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow for family night.

Week 1 – Monday (Cellular signal at camp is very weak making uploading pictures difficult. We are working on a better solution.)  BTW, your child is having a blast (so are the adults)!!!  

NOTE: Sorry if you are seeing duplicate pictures.  Not sure why the website is duplicating pictures at this time.  We are trying to correct the problem. Week 1 – Tuesday ~ Wet day but are we having a great time.  The weather will improve shortly and out will come the slip and slides that will dip into the lake.  The campers are really getting the hang of the rope swing as they catch big air for awesome cannonballs!  They haven’t complained about the food so we are in great shape!  Talk with you tomorrow :) Week 1 – Wednesday