Damien Livinston

On July 28, 2015, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office began investigating a residential home burglary off the 100 block of Killdeer Circle, in Moscow Mills (unincorporated Lincoln County). According to the victim, when she returned home from work around 10:00 PM she discovered a rear window of her residence shattered. Once inside, the victim noticed numerous pieces of jewelry, rare coins, and two .22 caliber pistols missing from her residence.

Two days later on July 30, 2015, around 0130 in the morning, deputies responded to the 300 block of King Richard Drive, in Moscow Mills (unincorporated Lincoln County) for a home invasion. According to the female victim, she awoke in her bedroom to find a male subject searching through her jewelry box. Frightened, the female waited for the male to leave her bedroom and went to wake up her husband who was sleeping in his recliner downstairs.

The husband retrieved his handgun and found the intruder in the family’s garage. The husband ordered the male not to move or he would fire his weapon at him. The intruder told the homeowner he also had a gun, which the homeowner observed and he would return fire. Fearing a serious injury, the homeowner opened the garage and allowed the intruder to escape.

Detectives discovered a broken basement window the intruder smashed to gain access to the home. In addition the intruder was able to escape with several pieces of jewelry, about $200 in cash and .380 pistol, which he stole from the victim’s vehicle while in the garage.

On August 3, 2015, detectives were able to locate the coins from the July 28, 2015, burglary off of Killdeer Circle after they were sold to a local business that day. According to the business, they paid 19-year old Damien Livingston, of Troy, $30.00 for the coins, which was paid out with one twenty dollar bill and two five dollar bills.

Detectives located Livingston and brought him to the Sheriff’s Office for questioning. During a search of Livingston’s wallet, detectives observed one twenty dollar bill and two five dollar bills, which was consistent with payment for the coins. Livingston told detectives he woke up with the stolen property in his belongings and wasn’t sure how they got there. He also told investigators he suffers from persistent “Black outs.”

During the interview, detectives made contact with a friend of Livingston who told deputies she found numerous pieces of jewelry that did not belong to her or Livingston. In addition, she told deputies Livingston left her residence on foot Wednesday night and when he returned he had a piece of fabric wrapped around his hand. Detectives discovered the fabric in a bedroom trash can with what appeared to also have blood. The piece of fabric was later identified as a piece of fabric belonging to the victim of the home invasion’s patio furniture.

Livingston eventually confessed to the burglary and home invasion. He told detectives, he cut himself on the basement window so he ripped a piece of fabric from an outdoor pillow to help stop the bleeding. Livingston quickly sold the handguns, which have not been located.

The investigation is ongoing with a person of interest being sought.

Livingston is charged with Burglary and Robbery in the First Degree, Burglary in the Second Degree, and Stealing of a Firearm. Livingston is currently housed in the Lincoln County jail under a $100,000 cash only bond. Other conditions of bond apply.


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