The Mayor and Police Chief of Hawk Point contacted Sheriff John Cottle and requested a narcotics saturation within the city limits.  Sheriff Cottle instructed detectives with the Multi County Narcotics and Violent Crimes Enforcement Unit to plan and execute a narcotics saturation this past Friday.

Detectives received information that a known distributor of controlled substances, 72-year-old John Vohsen, was dealing out of his residence again along the 200 block of Maple Street, in Hawk Point.

While sitting on the residence, Detectives observed a vehicle pull into the residence, stay a few minutes and leave.  Detectives followed the vehicle.

After a few minutes, detectives observed the vehicle weave over the center dividing line of the road several times and pulled it over.

The driver told detectives he just bought methamphetamine from Vohsen.  Subsequent search of the vehicle revealed two plastic baggies containing meth.

Investigators returned to the residence and made contact with Vohsen.  While talking to Vohsen, detectives observed methamphetamine in plastic baggies, mirror with a razor, and methamphetamine within a plastic cup.  Detectives immediately applied and received a search warrant of the residence.

Detectives seized methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, electronic scales and small baggies commonly used for distribution.  While searching the residence, a buyer knocked on the door wanting to purchase methamphetamine from Vohsen.

Vohsen was taken into custody.  In February 2018, Vohsen was arrested and charged with the Distribution of a Controlled Substance.

“We are happy to assist any requesting agency with any needs they may have.  We have a great deal of resources available to help with situations like this,” said Sheriff John Cottle.

Lincoln County Prosecutors charged Vohsen with Delivery of a Controlled Substance, Possession of Synthetic Marijuana, and Drug Paraphernalia. Vohsen is currently housed in the Lincoln County Jail.  Honorable Judge Greg Allsberry set bond at $25,000 cash only.  Other conditions of bond may apply.


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