On Wednesday, a Lincoln County deputy stopped at the Dollar General along East Highway 47 for a Gatorade when a resident approached as asked for help.  According to the resident, an unknown male was attempting to break into his shed.

When the deputy approached, he immediately recognized the suspect as 35-year-old Jacob Robinson, of Moscow Mills.  The deputy gave Robinson verbal order to back away from the shed which were ignored.  Robinson continued to beat on the shed door.

Without warning, Robinson turned around and attempted to punch the deputy in the face.  While attempting to restrain him, Robinson headbutted the deputy in the face causing his lip to bleed and minor bruising.  The deputy was able to restrain the subject and transport him to the hospital for an evaluation.

The deputy was also looked over by medical staff and cleared to return to duty.

Lincoln County Prosecutors charged Robinson with Third Degree Assault and Resisting Arrest and he is currently housed in the Lincoln County Jail. Honorable Judge Greg Allsberry set bond at $7,500 cash or 10% surety authorized.  Other conditions of bond may apply.


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