On May 26, investigators with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office began investigating a First Degree Burglary along the 200 block of Autumn Oaks Drive, in Lincoln County.  According to the victim, his son walked into the home’s garage to see the door open and items missing.  The victim told detectives his air compressor, multiple power tools and yard tools were missing from within.

Detectives observed his neighbor had an outdoor surveillance system, which captured the suspect removing items from the garage. It also revealed the suspect drove a maroon Ford F-150.

The detective on the assigned to the case observed a maroon Ford F-150 while driving along Highway 47 and North Lincoln Drive.  The driver and vehicle matched the earlier surveillance video and a subsequent computer check revealed the owner of the vehicle is 35-year-old Jason French, of Lincoln County.

Checking a law enforcement database, the investigator found French sold several items, with matching serial numbers, from the victim to a pawn shop in St. John, Missouri.

On July 26, French was taken into custody. During questioning French denied pawning stolen equipment and any involvement in the crime.

Prosecutors charged French with First Degree Burglary and Felony Stealing and he is currently housed in the Lincoln County Jail.  Honorable Judge Greg Allsberry set bond at $50,000 cash only.  Other conditions of bond may apply.


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