Joseph Didden

On March 25, 2018, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the 100 block of Pine Street, in Old Monroe, after emergency dispatch received a call from 51-year-old Joseph Didden, of Old Monroe, that a woman injured on his street.

When deputies arrived, they observed a woman with multiple injuries to her head. The victim was transported by ambulance to the hospital. Deputies on scene observed blood on home’s front door and porch.

Didden showed the deputies his home surveillance system, which appeared to show him assaulting the victim. Didden told investigators they were heavily drinking during the night and when they arrived at his residence the victim assaulted him, which caused him to forcefully push her away. However, his surveillance did not show his account of the alleged assault.

Under further investigation, investigators were granted a search warrant to access all of Didden’s home video surveillance. The surveillance clearly showed Didden striking the victim, with a handgun, multiple times to the head on the front porch. Investigators could see the victim stumble off the front porch and eventually collapse in the street unconscious.

Didden was located in Alabama and taken into custody. Didden is charged with felony First Degree Domestic Assault, felony Armed Criminal Action and felony Third Degree Domestic Assault. Didden is currently awaiting extradition to Missouri under a $75,000 cash only bond. Other conditions of bond may apply.


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