Audrey Sampson

On Tuesday, July 18, 2017, around 3 p.m., a Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office deputy responded to a verbal argument along the 400 block of Julie Court, in Lincoln County. When the deputy arrived, he noticed two female subjects were arguing in front of the residence. After spotting law enforcement, 29-year-old Audrey Sampson, of Lincoln County, ran back into the home.

The victim remained in front of the residence and informed the deputy Sampson was armed with the knife and out of control in the residence. The deputy entered the residence to Sampson screaming, “I am lighting the house on fire” from the rear of the residence. The deputy also learned the victim’s elderly and disabled mother was in the home and due to her age and condition, required mobility assistance.

The deputy walked down the home’s hallway and spotted Sampson standing in front of a bedroom closet with clothing on fire. Sampson lunged toward and clawed the deputy with her fingernails, scratching his left eye. Observing the fire was beginning to get out of control, the deputy held Sampson to the bedroom wall with this right hand and began extinguishing the flames with his left knowing the elderly woman had mobility challenges and needed to by some time.

While extinguishing the fire, the deputy noticed Sampson was able to grab a medical oxygen tank and actively releasing oxygen toward the smoldering fire. The deputy secured the tank and threw it down the hallway toward the front door and placed Sampson in his patrol vehicle.

The victim told deputies she was in a romantic relationship with Sampson for about three weeks and they resided together. At some time during the day, the two began arguing in their bedroom. During the argument, Sampson climbed on top of the victim and pressed a hunting knife to the victim’s throat, subsequently puncturing the skin. Sampson then lit items on fire in the house and bit the victim’s forearm.

Sampson also smashed several items in the house including their television, a glass coffee table, four exterior windows and other various items. At one point, Sampson threw a steak knife at the elderly victim which struck her arm but she was not harmed.

Sampson later told investigators she intentionally set items in the house of fire twice in an attempt to kill the victim and she would accept full responsibility for her actions.

The deputy was treated and released from the hospital with scratch to his left eye and minor blistering to his hand.

Sampson was taken into custody and charged with two counts of First Degree Felony Arson, two counts of First Degree Domestic Assault, First Degree Felony Assault, Felony Resisting Arrest and First Degree Felony Property Damage. Sampson is currently housed in the Lincoln County Jail under a $100,000 cash only bond. Other conditions of bond may apply.


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