Samuel Payne Tina Payne

On Saturday, January 17, 2014, around 2:00pm, a Lincoln County deputy was on patrol in unincorporated Lincoln County, along Highway V, when he observed two individuals and a red Pontiac Grand Am sitting near an old abandoned out building on his family’s property.

Looking suspicious and unusual, the deputy investigated. When pulled up near the building, the deputy observed a male subject quickly walk from behind the building. Feeling something was wrong, the deputy requested assistance.

Shortly after, the deputy and his supervisor made contact with married couple, 43-year old, Tina K. Payne and 43-year old Samuel S. Payne, both of Elsberry. Both insisted the reason for being on the property was to urinate. During the conversation, Tina Payne, began “dancing around” stating she had to urinate and attempted to walk behind the out building.

Tina Payne was told to stop when deputies smelled a strong chemical odor coming from behind the out building. Upon investigation, they realized the Paynes were actively manufacturing methamphetamine behind the building.

Detectives found old pseudoephedrine receipts around the out building showing the couple visited the area multiple times in the past for the purposes of manufacturing methamphetamine.

Both Tina and Samuel Payne are charged with Felony Manufacturing of a Controlled Substance. Both are currently housed at the Lincoln County Jail under a $25,000 only bond, each. Other conditions of bond may apply.


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