Office of Professional Standards and Public Information

Cottle Badge

The Office of Professional Standards is an independent office situated with the Sheriff’s Office which handles Internal Affairs (IA) investigations, public complaints, grant solicitations and media requests.  The Office of Professional Standards was disbanded in 2010 as a budget reduction measure and then reinstated by newly elected Sheriff John Cottle in May of 2013 as one of many implementation acts.  This office run’s independently and answers directly to the Sheriff.

Public Information

LT Andy Binder is the Public Information Officer (PIO) of the Sheriff’s Office and handles all media inquires.  For media inquires you can contact him at:

Contact Information:

Lieutenant Andy Binder
Public Information Officer

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office
65 Business Park Dr.
Troy, MO  63379
(o) (636) 295-4090
(c) (636) 368-6370