Records Division

The Records Division is responsible for all of the ‘paper’ functions of the Office. Sheriff’s deputies prepare approximately 3000-3500 reports each year. The deputies also write hundreds of traffic citations every year. The Records division takes responsibility for filing and maintaining these records.

The Records Division is also responsible for handling thousands of civil and criminal process ‘papers’ which are served to Lincoln County residents by deputies.

These clerks are tasked with the job of performing all records checks and paperwork pertaining to Carry Concealed Weapons applications, as well as updating all mandatory reporting to various agencies. The Records Division is also tasked with compiling all the accounts receivable and accounts payable paperwork and making sure the original along with three copies are delivered to the County Courthouse monthly for payment.

Records Staff:

Administrative Manager Jodi Mauzy (Email Jodi)
Clerk Geanine Mudd (Email Geanine)
Clerk Kim Mergenthal (Email Kim)

Major Case Squad Report #2011-501 (Faria Homicide)