Prop Safe and Secure


Lincoln County’s Proposition Safe and Secure, a ½ cent Lincoln County sales tax, will be on this April’s ballot. Proposition Safe and Secure will construct a new Sheriff’s Office, jail and put more deputies on the road.

“The construction of a new jail will alleviate our jail overcrowding and comply with the most recent 2015 Federal Immigration Standards,” said Sheriff Cottle. “The new jail would house mostly federal prisoners, bringing in an additional $3 to $6 million more to our county’s General Revenue.”

Sheriff Cottle says the jail, in its current state, cannot comply with the most recent federal standards because its current design cannot physically allow it. “I had our maintenance person and inmates construct a physical barrier within one our housing pods to comply with a new federal standard. Physical space is becoming problematic.”

Sheriff Cottle says that both the jail and Sheriff’s Office have space issues. Some offices are shared by up to four people and overcrowding has become an issue. “One of the biggest problems facing our community is evidence storage. We ran out of room four-years ago and had to outsource evidence storage for safe-keeping.” This is a widespread law enforcement issue.

Sheriff Cottle had to move his detective bureau of the Sheriff’s Office this year to accommodate an ever expanding jail. The detective bureau now works out of a leased office space. “We are growing and we no longer have the room to support the critical needs of law enforcement, it is what the community expects.”

Sheriff Cottle said Proposition Safe and Secure is a fair tax, which everyone contributes and not just property owners. Based on today’s figures, if this proposal is passed the average cost per-person is estimated to be approximately $2.49 per-month.

“This sales tax is nominal and hardly noticeable to individuals from all financial backgrounds,” said Cottle. “In addition, the sales tax will free up facility budgets, which will allow me to hire more deputies, detectives, corrections officers, and increase law enforcement training.”

For more detailed information and official ballot language of Proposition Safe and Secure, click on this link:


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