Brittney Warner Deputy Ryan

Wednesday evening, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office 911 Emergency Communications Dispatcher Brittney Warner and Canine Deputy Aaron Ryan received a lifesaving award presented by Chief Medical Officer Graeme Goodwin of the Lincoln County Ambulance District.

During the night of December 2, 2016, Deputy Ryan was dispatched to a Lincoln County address for a 19-year-old male unresponsive and not breathing. Prior to Deputy Ryan’s arrival, 911 Dispatcher Warner provided verbal lifesaving instructions over the phone to the patient’s mother who administered CPR the best she could. The mother described the dispatcher as a “God send” who kept her focused and from “completely losing it.”

Minutes later, Deputy Ryan arrived and immediately took over CPR as the mother explained to Sheriff Cottle she lost all composure. After several minutes, Deputy Ryan regained the patient’s heartbeat. The mother told Sheriff Cottle, “He (Deputy Ryan) look at me and said ‘Merry Christmas’ once his heart started beating again. We laughed at it the next night but those words will never mean the same thing to me again. With the assistance of the 911 operator, Deputy Ryan and the EMTs, my son has a second chance at life.”

Paramedics quickly arrived on scene and transported the 19-year-old to a nearby hospital where he fully recovered. Both Emergency Communications Dispatcher Brittney Warner and Deputy Aaron Ryan’s training and teamwork bring great credit upon themselves for a job well done. Congratulations!


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