Two Winfield High School Students Arrested for School Shooting Plot

On Tuesday, April 5, 2011 the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office arrested 18-year-old Winfield High School student Donald G. Waters. Today Waters was charged with Conspiracy Assault 1st Degree. He is currently being held at the Lincoln County Jail in lieu of a $50,000 cash only bond. The facts surrounding the charge are as follows.

On Tuesday, April 5, 2011 Lincoln County Deputy Amy Tippett was notified by the Winfield High School administration of a possible plot for a school shooting. Tippett is currently assigned to the Winfield High School as a School Resource Officer. Deputy Tippett contacted two Winfield High School students who both stated Waters had tried to recruit them to execute a school shooting at the Winfield High School. Both witnesses stated Waters asked them to make a list of victims they wanted dead.

During an interview with Lincoln County Detectives, Waters stated he had no physical list of people he wanted dead. Waters advised his list is long and it’s in his head. Waters further advised his plan was to run through the halls at school as fast as he could and shoot as many people as he could. Waters also admitted to researching on the Internet how to make guns and other types of weapons.

A search warrant was served on Water’s residence and his computer was seized. The computer was sent to the St. Charles County Cyber Crimes Unit who retrieved several images of weapons on the computer as well as You Tube video clips on how to build a rail gun and how to shoot guns. Also found on Waters computer was a letter, which had this specific quote, “I hate everything and everyone, I wanted everyone to die”.

A second suspect was also arrested after posting a comment on his Facebook page a day after Waters was charged. He was originally thought to be a witness, but his posting suggested otherwise. Subsequently he was arrested. His identity is being held because he is a Juvenile.

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