Major Case Squad Report #2011-501 (Faria Homicide)

On Wednesday, December 28, 2011, Lincoln County Sheriff Mike Krigbaum requested the assistance of the Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis to aid in the Homicide investigation of Elizabeth Kay Faria. The following links are from the Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis case 2011-501.  Some of the personal information and content personal in nature such as address, phone numbers and dates of birth are redacted.

Book 1 Table of Contents
Book 2 Table of Contents
MCS Reports
Section 1 Title Page
Section 2 Victim Page
Section 3 Suspect Page
Section 4 Invest. Statement
Section 5 Activated Members
Section 8 Case Synopsis-compressed
Section 9 Master Lead Index
Section 10.1 Original Report with 911 Call Notes
Section 10.2 Interview with Russ Faria
Section 10.3 Re-Interview of Russ Faria
Section 10.4 Residence Vehicle Search Warrant
Section 10.5 Obtain Copy of 911 Call
Section 10.6 Autopsy of Victim
Section 10.7 Cell Phone Search Warrant
Section 10.8 Call for Service History at 130 Sumac
Section 10.9 Interview Janet Meyer – Victim’s Mother
Section 10.10 Interview Pam Hupp
Section 10.11 Interview Mike Corbin
Section 10.12 Area Canvass
Section 10.13 Interview Mariah Day
Section 10.14 Interview Leah Day
Section 10.15 Interview Brandon Sweeney
Section 10.16 Interview Marshall Bach
Section 10.17 Interview Angelia Hulion
Section 10.18 Canvass Green’s Country Store
Section 10.19 Interview Paramedics
Section 10.20 Interview Bobbie Wann
Section 10.21 Interview Fire Dept Personnel
Section 10.22 Interview Luci Faria
Section 10.23 Canvass Troy Conoco
Section 10.24 Canvass U-Gas in Wentzville
Section 10.25 Canvass Arby’s on Highway N
Section 10.26 Canvass QuikTrip at Sommers Road and Highway N
Section 10.27 Interview Kathy Meyer
Section 10.28 Interview Mary Rodgers
Section 10.29 Research Victim’s Life Insurance Policies
Section 10.30 Interview of Rich May
Section 10.31 Interview of Mark Schreiner
Section 10.32 Polygraph of Russ Faria
Section 10.33 Interview Rachael Faria
Section 10.34 Interview Pam Welker
Section 10.35 Interview Sandra McClanahan
Section 10.36 Interview Kim O’Brien
Section 10.37 Interview of Rhonda Graham
Section 10.38 Interview Keith Langland
Section 10.39 Interview Matthew Skroblus
Section 10.40 Russ Faria Search Warrant
Section 10.41 Interview Chad Bomerschein
Section 10.42 Interview Winghaven Librarian
Section 10.43 Burglary History in Waterbrooke Subdivision
Section 10.44 Interivew Mike Hillman
Section 10.45 Interview Devan Rogers
Section 10.46 Walk Through of Victim’s Home with Mariah Day
Section 10.47 Interview Linda Hartman
Section 10.48 Interview Ashley Frost
Section 10.49 Re-Interivew of Victim’s Family
Section 10.50 Transcription of the 911 Call
Section 10.51 Interview Rita Wolf
Section 10.52 Interview Sue Brittain
Section 10.53 GPS Placement
Section 10.54 Interview of Attorney Andrew Beeny
Section 10.55 Interview Dana Johnson
Section 10.56 Interview Lynn and Karla Stephenson
Section 10.57 Interview Sandra McClanus
Section 10.58 Interview Tiffany Larner
Section 10.59 Release of Suspect
Section 10.60 Obtain Jail Telephone Records
Section 10.61 Interview Tremus Day
Section 10.62 Interview Grabenhorsts
Section 10.63 Interview Mary Anderson
Section 10.64 Interview Betty Trendle
Section 10.65 Interview Kermit Sandorf
Section 10.66 Interview Mitchell Aldridge
Section 10.67 Interview Grace Welker
Section 10.68 Interview Kyle Speers
Section 10.69 Interview Terry Miller
Section 10.70 Interview Sue Bohler
Section 10.71 Interview Matt Jacob
Section 10.72 Interview Mark Hupp
Section 10.73 Interview Shelly Bommer
Section 10.74 Interview Cathy Pescar
Section 10.75 Interview Anna Welker
Section 10.76 Recanvass of Waterbrooke Subdivision
Section 10.77 Time Russ Faria Travel Routes
Section 10.78 Arby’s Area Canvass
Section 10.79 Obtain Calls for Service at Past Faria Homes
Section 10.80 Interview Donna Simmons
Section 10.81 Interview Laurel Moran
Section 10.82 Search Warrant for Russ Faria Computers
Section 10.83 Re-Interview Fire and Paramedic Supervisors
Section 10.84 Obtain Financial Records for Betsy and Russ Faria
Section 10.85 Canvass Route of Russ Faria for Cameras
Section 10.86 Obtain Court Order for Russ Faria’s Palm Print
Section 10.87 GPS of Russ Faria’s Vehicle
Section 10.88 Interview of Debra Wingerter
Section 10.89 Interview Barb Calcaterra
Section 10.90 Interview Craig Tidwell
Section 10.91 Seize Blanket of Russ Faria from Interview
Section 10.92 Polygraph of Pam Hupp
Section 10.93 Canvass UMACA Martial Arts
Section 10.94 Interview Shelly Yonovak
Section 10.95 Release of Russ Faria Vehicle
Section 10.96 Interview Carisa Barton
Section 10.97 Faria Gaming Records from Ameristar
Section 10.98 Faria Gaming Records from Harrahs
Section 10.99 Re-Interview Marshall Bach
Section 10.100 Re-Interview Brandon Sweeney
Section 10.101 Interview Clayton Peterson
Section 10.102 Re-Interview Michael Corbin
Section 10.103 Re-Interview Angelia Hulion
Section 10.104 Deactivation of Major Case Squad
Section 11 Criminal Identification Reports
Section 12 Evidence Reports
Section 13 Lab Reports
Section 14 Press Releases
Section 15 Photographic Evidence



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