School Resource Officers

The School Resource Officer is an experienced officer assigned to a school and serves as a law enforcement officer on campus as well as a mentor and teacher. All of the SRO’s have received certification training and are recognized by the State of Missouri as certified School Resource Officers.

The SRO is a resource for students, staff, and parents. The SRO enforces the law on and off the school campus, investigates crimes, writes reports, makes arrests, and juvenile referrals. The SRO works closely with the staff of the school, interacts with the students, and is a liaison officer between the school and other law enforcement agencies. The SRO consults with parents in areas of the officer’s expertise.

The Commander of the School Resource Officers is Lieutenant Amy Tippett.  LT Tippett works out of the Ninth Grade Center, in Moscow Mills.  You can contact LT Tippett at

Contacts for your School Resource Officers:

Troy Buchanan High School
Deputy Tom Jackson
636-462-5148 Ex. 22911

Ninth Grade Center – Moscow Mills
LT Amy Tippett
636-366-4450 Ex. 24911

Troy Middle School – Trojans
Deputy Jacob Martinez
636-462-4934 Ex. 21911

Troy South Middle School – Titans
Deputy Chris Bosley
636-462-5125 Ex. 25601

Elsberry School District
Deputy Greg Turner
573-889-5554 Ex. 260

Silex School District
Deputy Chris Hollingsworth
573-384-5044 Ex. 241

It is my pleasure to present the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office Five-Year Strategic Plan. Its purpose is to help the organization do a better job and get everyone working together to achieve our goals. This plan will serve as a roadmap for moving from where we are today to where we would like to be in the future. It will help keep the organization on track, and responsive to change while remaining faithful to its mission, vision, and core values.

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