Sheriff Announces Significant Conceal Carry Permit Changes

Sheriff John Cottle announces significant changes to the Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) permit laws.  Recently, Jeff City lawmakers changed the CCW permits requirements and it has caused some confusion.  The following changes take effect immediately:

Expiration and Registration Changes

·    CCW Permits are extended to five (5) years in length.  However, current CCW permits expire on the expiration date when first issued.  Applicants renewing their CCW permit will change to the five year period.
·    CCW holders will no longer receive a renewal letter in the mail.
·    CCW holders will no longer report to DOR.  Applications are handled directly through the Sheriff’s Office in the county the applicant resides in.
·    When applying for a CCW the first time applicants need to bring a government issued photo identification, a photocopy or original firearms safety training certificate of completion and they will fill out an application form either at the Sheriff’s Office or the form can be found on our website,


·    When renewing a CCW, holders must bring proof of residence (only if the address on their current ID is different) and their current CCW license.  They will also fill out an application form which can be found on our website or provided here at the Sheriff’s Office.  Renewals are $50 if renewed in the month of expiration.
·    There is an additional $10 per month fee for every month past the expiration for up to six-months past expiration.  If the CCW is not renewed within six months of expiration, the CCW is invalid and the holder will need to re-apply for a CCW as if it is their first time applying.

Change of Address

·    CCW holders who need to make a change of address must submit proof of their new address by supplying something with the new address on it, example-utility bill, driver’s license, etc., within 30 days of the change.  If not submitted within 30 days the permit is considered invalid.  Holders need to notify the old Sheriffs also of the address change.  The fee for an address change is $10.

Name Change

·    If an applicant needs to change their name, they must submit proof of the name change within 30 days and their current CCW license.  If not submitted within 30 days of change, the permit is invalid.  The cost for a name change is $10.

Lost or Stolen Permits

·    Lost/destroyed permits need to be reported to the Sheriff’s office within seven days of actual knowledge of loss of permit.  CCW holders must provide a written statement containing the CCW endorsement has been lost or destroyed. The fee for lost/destroyed permits is $10.

First Time Applicant Fee

·     The cost for 1st time applicants is $100 cash, money order, and credit/debit cards.

Voluntary Instructor Database

·    The new voluntary instructor database is for instructors who wish to provide a copy of their Training Instructor Certificate, a course outline bearing the notarized signature of instructor, a current photograph of instructor and an annual $10 fee.  Only instructors who reside within Lincoln County can apply at our office, otherwise the instructors who wish to apply for the database need to apply at the Sheriff’s Office in the County in which they reside.

We apologize in advance for any confusion this law brings.  If you have further questions please feel free to call the Sheriff’s Office at 636-528-8546 and ask for Records. 

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